THANK YOU to all our residents and their families for their kind words of thanks.  At Pembury we really appreciate these testimonials so much.  Here are some we’d like to share with those considering Pembury Retirement Homes and Lodges for themselves or their loved-ones.

Loy van Tonder – Pembury Magaliesburg

My skoonsus Santoinette De Wet bly daar en is so gelukkig.  Vriendelike staf en behulpsaam.   Dankie aan almal dat julle so mooi na my skoonsus kyk.

Eleanor Moore (Pembury Bryanston)

Dear Cyndy, On behalf of my sister Alison and myself, just a note to say a huge thank you to you and all the staff at Pembury for the wonderful Christmas lunch you treated us to on Sunday, 3 December 2017.  It was absolutely marvelous and such fun for everyone! We're thrilled how happy Mom is since she moved to Pembury in May.  It's been such a help to us as a family and may we also take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a relaxing and Happy new year.  

Mr. R B de Stadler (Pembury Finch Haven)

Excellent Care from Finch Haven!  I would like to take the opportunity to thank Tammy, Jessica and All Staff, including the Gardener at Finch Haven for such wonderful care my Mom received at the home for her short stay of +-Month whom sadly passed away on the 20th October 2017.
She always said that she was happy to receive such good care and love and I personally saw this when visiting my Mom all the time, everyone was so assisting, happy, joyful, always had a chat and laugh with staff etc.
In her final days she came to Finch Haven and I was so glad that she got her dignity back, self confidence back, humour back, this is all because of the lovely people at the home including staff, whom included her in activities, group discussions etc.
Every body made her feel special, at the home and she was not treated like a number but like a person with respect and dignity.  In closing I am so grateful that she received the best of care and YOUR STAFF ARE JUST WONDERFUL in fact THEY ARE ALL ANGELS!  Finch Haven is tops!

Rita Erasmus (Pembury Magaliesburg)

Die Pembury Magaliesburg Familie ete lyk lekker. Ek mis dit en my ma. Dankie Pembury Magaliesburg vir alles wat julle vir my ma;  Anne Rudolph gedoen het.  Ek sal dit altyd onthou.

Mike and Sue Hodgson (Pembury Bryanston)

Dear Cyndy, Liz and Joy A big thank you from Mike and I for the marvelous lunch you provided us yesterday, the starters were delicious and we have seldom tasted such succulent lamb.  The roast potatoes and veggies were very tasty too. The staff serving meals were such a credit to you all, so pleasant, welcoming and considerate.  We really enjoyed ourselves and had lots of interesting chats with Jerry who is such a charming gentleman, difficult to believe that he is almost 90! Thank you again for looking after Patricia and for the great lunch!

Errol Berman (Pembury Melrose)

Good day Linda, Thank you for the lunch festival that we all enjoyed. The effort that you and your staff put in is very much appreciated.  My wife Caryn and I were the guests of my mom Dinah Berman.  

Ziona Lipchick (Pembury Melrose)

Hi Linda, I would just like to thank you, Colin, Bert and all the staff at Pembury for an outstanding lunch on Sunday. The family lunches, Christmas and special Jewish holiday meals are always outstanding and a really appreciate the thoughtfulness and care you put into these days.

Clive Price (Pembury Bryanston)

Good Morning Cyndy and Liz, THANK YOU so much for a lovely High Tea yesterday.  WOW you ladies worked so hard and everyone I spoke with said how grateful they were to you.  What a nice way to treat our elderly folk!

Mr. Andrew Brann, for and on behalf of Mrs. Dora Brann (Pembury Finch Haven)

Good day Matron & Tammy, This is a brief message to thank you for the invitation to the bi-annual family Pembury Finch Haven luncheon hosted on behalf of my mother, resident Mrs Brann, and her long-standing friend. The tables placed in the Gardens of Finch haven were beautifully decorated complimented by a delicious luncheon served on a Greek theme.  The dishes were all authentic  and given the meticulous preparation, may be considered as a theme amongst other of the Pembury Lodges. Once again, thank you to the staff for their valued efforts. The memory will linger for a long time to come.

Paul Gwyther (Pembury Bryanston)

Hi Cyndy,  Thank you one and all for such a lovely luncheon on Sunday, it was really thoughtful and generous of you and your team to provide such a great spread. The attention to detail and trouble you all went to was honestly appreciated by all, especially our folks, thank you.  Mom was so cheerful when we arrived, and excited, we haven't seen her like this for quite some time and it was most heart warming. Mom seems to be adjusting to her new surroundings which is consoling as, naturally, we have been quite concerned, guess we just had to give her time – you did advise us of this! Thank you again to all for making us feel part of the Pembury family and, also, for making Mom feel welcome and cared for in her new home, we do appreciate all you do.

Sharon More (Pembury Finch Haven)

A HUGE THANKS to you and all your staff for a lovely lunch and pleasant day on Sunday.  We enjoyed the time together and truly appreciate it!

Andrew Brann (Pembury Finch Haven)

A brief message to thank the Management & Staff of Finch Haven on behalf of my mother,  her visitor, and not least of all myself, for the splendid luncheon that was served in the Gardens of Finch Haven this past Sunday.  

Ziona Lipchick, Thelma Strauss’s daughter (Pembury Melrose)

Hi Linda,  I felt I had to contact you about the wonderful meal you served on Tuesday the 15th of September 2015. I applaud your sensitivity in providing the Jewish residents who had nowhere to go with a meal that was the epitome of a meal served at any home for Rosh Hashanah.  Your sensitivity and kindness in considering these people was so thoughtful. As for the food one would not have had had better at any Jewish Rosh Hashanah table.  The soup with matzos ball, Danish herring, chopped herring and the rest of the menu were superb. On behalf of my family and myself I would like to express my appreciation to you and your staff for a wonderful dinner.

Lorna and Jeff Woolf (Pembury Melrose)

Dear Linda,  Thank you for  the superb dinner we enjoyed tonight, it was really splendid and your and the staff’s efforts were  appreciated by all.

Ammi La Grange (Pembury Magaliesburg)

Goeie middag Mara,  Ek wil net namens ons familie vir jou, Veronica  en al die ander personeel bedank vir die wonderlike dag wat jul moontlik gemaak het Sondag vir ons om saam ons geliefdes te kon kuier.  Dit was uitstekend!  En moenie die “chef” en almal in die kombuis vergeet nie. Dit is voorwaar besonders wat jul vir die inwoners doen en om te hoor hoe gelukkig hul almal is, is uitstekend. Dankie dat jul so mooi na my Ma kyk en dat jul so lief vir haar is. Ek het haar lanklaas so gelukkig en tevrede gesien. Ek  weet sy gee jul nog soms al jul dae maar duidelik weet jul hoe om dit te hanteer.

Mr. Marcel Burger (Pembury Magaliesburg)

My grandfather lives in South Africa and was no longer able to live independently. We live in the Netherlands and were looking for a place where he could celebrate carefree "holiday". Through the internet, we decided for Pembury Magaliesburg and expectations exceeded the reality. The team Pembury Magaliesburg feels like a family and the location is incredibly beautiful and spacious. We have no worries about our grandfather and would like to thank the team for their wonderful care of our grandfather and we are very very happy that he feels at home there.

Carol Rovetti (Pembury Melrose)

My mother has been a resident of Pembury Melrose for almost 10  years now and I would like to thank Angie and Branden for the continued interest in her well being. Not only that, I have during these years seen a change of Management.  I would like to compliment you on the huge improvement that I have observed since you have been there.  Just to mention a few, the meals, the entertainment, the cleanliness and the change of the lobby. Thank you for upgrading wherever you can it is greatly appreciated.  

Paula Fourie (Pembury Magaliesburg)

I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful staff and management you have at Magalies Pembury. My mother had a stroke about 2 and a half years ago, and had to wear nappies and could not walk on her own, not even to mention that she could not even eat by herself. She was at another retirement village for this 2 years. My mother has been staying at Magalies Pembury from 1st May 2014, which means that it is 2 months since she moved to Magalies Pembury and in these 2 months her progress has been awesome. She is no longer wearing nappies, walks by herself, eats by herself and her general health and happiness has improved from someone just sitting and staring in front of her to someone laughing and talking and looking forward to life again. This is amazing!! You have the most dedicated staff and management at Magalies!!

Mrs B Anderson (Pembury Finch Haven – Fairland)

On behalf of my mother Mrs Dora Brann, I wish to take this opportunity of thanking the Management Team and Staff at Finch-haven for the wonderful care my mother is receiving from your caring and devoted staff on a daily basis. Dora did not take the decision lightly to enrol as a resident of Finch Haven! What I find most compelling about Finch-Haven, is that mother is always occupied with activities which is keeping her busy, happy and healthy.
Also, I wish to acknowledge that Dora's laundry is always immaculate, and a high level of cleanliness is notable throughout. The hairdressing salon is the only hairdresser whom I have ever received compliments. The maintenance man keeps the gardens in tip-top condition. As an outsider, it is always a pleasure to drive into the premises at Finch-haven.
 Finally as a tribute to the Executive, the family members of the resident are hosted by Pembury bi-annually with a memorable 5 star luncheon.

Shelly Friedman (Pembury Melrose)

The managers at Pembury Melrose, especially Angie, was great yesterday. My mom's caregiver had a problem and left Pembury in a hurry and Angie was so helpful and kind and professional in the emergency and her concern to help me was amazing. Just wanted you to know! Angie and Brandon are so special.

Dr Stephen Robinson (Pembury Finch Haven – Fairland)

My mother, Maureen Robinson, moved to Finch Haven Retirement Home in November 2013. It was a particularly challenging time for her, the upheaval exacerbated by the fact that she was leaving the house that was the happy family home and her world for more than 50 years…and further compounded by Finch Haven’s change of ownership and turnover of staff. Unsurprisingly, she found it difficult to settle at first but over the ensuing months, we have seen many positive changes to her demeanor, for which Finch Haven and it’s staff deserve credit. She has a comfortable and peaceful room that is her personal space and kept clean and tidy. She is well looked after and generally happy, despite the occasional complaint and, furthermore, the many activities on offer – from art classes to sing-alongs and regular visits by the hairdresser, to exercise classes and occupational therapy sessions – have not only provided mental stimulation, but contributed to increased mobility and general well-being. As her son, I know I also take enormous comfort from the knowledge that she is in a safe, secure, compassionate environment, with around-the-clock care. I appreciate too, that all the Pembury people I have met and spoken with have been most obliging and I feel comfortable raising issues with them and confident that they are taken on board and addressed. In closing, I – and I know my mother joins me in this – look forward to a period of greater stability at Finch Haven once the new Pembury management team is embedded and a permanent matron takes office in June 2014. Your sincerely,

Sheree Lissoos ( Pembury Melrose)

On behalf of my mother, Mrs Jean Lissoos, and myself, Ms Sheree Lissoos, I wish to congratulate the Pembury Lifestyle Group for offering the world excellent Pembury Melrose Lodge, with its great accomodations, superb facilities, wonderful staff and, more especially, the superb management team, Linda and Colin, currently managing the venue, and caring for each and every single one of its's occupants.    Pembury Melrose is a perfect venue, in every respect, for mature independent singles and their spouses and children, as advertised by your organization.     It most definitely fulfills every single one of its advertised accomodations, facilities, delicious and abundant food daily, superb staff and more especially the management team, who are committed to excellence, hard work, and caring for retired and/or elderly individuals and their families. on a daily basis. According to my mother, aged 80 and an ex-businesswoman for most of here adult life, "a business is as good as the people who run it".  She says Pembury Melrose is managed by the most hardworking  (available at all hours) team, Linda and Colin.  She maintains, as do I, that they are superb at what they do.The food is wonderful, the place is spotless at all times,  and thery are a pleasure in every way, training and keeping their staff to run the best -  Pembury Melrose, and I fully agree with her.  We might be newcomers, because we have only being staying at this marvellous place since 29 August 2013, but we both think Pembury Melrose is excellent because the current management team is always great at all their daily duties, chores, caring for the elderly and retired, and more.

Sandy Nix (Pembury Bryanston)

To All the Staff at Pembury, I would like to thank you all most sincerely for everything you have done for both my parents, Zelkie and Apple Noble. From laundry to cooking to cleaning the room, to dedicated and professional care, all was wonderful. To Matron Joy, Sisters Irma, Barbara, Dawn and Ingrid, the night Matron, and all the nursing staff - your professionalism mixed with love and tenderness is to be commended. Liz and Cyndy, thank you for always being there to listen to my requests. Betty and Mishak, thank you for your unfailing politeness and cheerfulness when you answered the phone. Also thanks to the patient security guard. Franz - thank you for all the many little things you sorted out for my parents - from fixing the TV to hanging pictures. A very very special thanks to Esther and Patricia, who were so good to Mom these last few months particularly. Much love and sincere appreciation to all of you.

Thelma Reich

I have been at Pembury for 2 ½ years now and am so grateful for all the fantastic staff who are helpful and kind. The food is good , home cooking and we are very spoilt with homemade biscuits and cakes for teas. We enjoy the musical entertainment immensely which we have once a month.

Jean Bouwer (Pembury Bryanston)

My husband and I arrived at Pembury Lodge, Bryanston 4 years ago. Unfortunately my husband passed away 2 weeks later. The senior staff are flawless, kind, helpful and friendly. All activities, exercises, crafts and entertainment are 1st class. The food is excellent, there has been a huge improvement in my health since I’ve been at Pembury. We are very blessed.

Mrs Maureen Hackett (Pembury Bryanston)

Five years and nine months ago, Frank and I moved into Pembury Lodge, Bryanston. Sadly Frank has not been with me for the last three years, but no.63, a lovely spacious, sunny room is still my home. I have enjoyed wonderful support from very helpful and pleasant staff - from the top management right down to the gardeners. My involvement in the gardening has been a wonderful therapy for me, for which I have been very grateful.I still enjoy the very good food, which is home-cooked by two very capable chefs and supervised by Cyndy and Liz - the manageress and assistant manageress. I think this is one of the few rental retirement homes where you get a menu for the main meal and don't just have a plate of food put down in front of you, whether you like it or not. I have no regrets having chosen Pembury Lodge where I will live for the last years of my life.

Jenny Torrance (Pembury Melrose)

Dear Melrose Management and Staff, What a delightful surprise and lovely present; you made this a very special birthday for me. Thank you all so much.

Dawn Jackson, Esme Veate & Beryl Bath (Pembury Bryanston)

To Cyndy, Liz and Joy …and everyone who participated in make the family lunch on 3 March 2013 such a wonderful day for us. It took days of organising beforehand and it is now such a success. We don’t know how to express our thanks to all involved; kitchen staff, reception staff and those who waited on us so efficiently. The gardens were beautiful – thanks to the gardeners. Everything so impressed our guests…it was 5 star. Even the weather was perfect!

Doreen Matthews (Pembury Bryanston)

To the Owners, Management and Staff of Pembury Bryanston, On behalf of myself, and my guests, my cousin, Roger Houghton and his wife Meg I wish to thank you for a lovely party. The food was excellent, so a special thank you to the Kitchen Staff. A special thank you to the entire Pembury Staff for the work and effort they put in to make such a pleasant venue where we could enjoy the visitors conversation. With my sincere thanks and good wishes…