Frail care

Pembury frail care accommodation

Pembury frail care accommodation is nursing home accommodation that is comfortable, private and staffed by experienced and empathetic nursing and caregiver staff who provide nursing care to residents throughout the day and night. Pembury provides frail care on-site at Pembury Sandton and Pembury Bryanston.

Pembury Sandton‘s frail care accommodation is provided in private suites and apartments with ensuite bathrooms.  It is a comfortable frail care environment where care is provided privately.

Frail care accommodation at Pembury Bryanston is also provided in private suites and is also available on a shared basis.

Frail care services

Frail care primarily refers to 24 hour nursing care and caregiver assistance in a supervised environment.  At Pembury retirement lodges, frail care includes the following services:

  • Accommodation
  • Caregiver assistance and/or nursing care
  • 3 healthy home cooked meals per day
  • Regular refreshment
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry

In addition to the above, the resident will enjoy access to a hairdresser and therapists, at extra charge

What is frail care?

Frail care is accommodation in a supported environment.  Care is available to the resident on a 24 hour basis.  For this reason, the accommodation is often situated close to a nurses station, to ensure that the resident is regularly monitored and the resident’s care is supervised by a nursing professional.  This health monitoring ensures that any changes in condition can be responded to quickly and professionally and the resident is enabled to continue their activities of daily living safely.

Who should consider frail care accommodation?

Frail care services are suited to any person requiring nursing support, on either a temporary or permanent basis.

At Pembury, we strive to provide such access to nursing care and caregiver assistance in a private and comfortable Pembury home care environment.

Frail care is most often required after a hospitalisation or after step-down post-operative rehabilitation, when the resident is still not well enough, or does not have sufficiently well developed home nursing services, to return to their home safely.  Residents may use frail care on a temporary care basis to recuperate fully under qualified nursing supervision, before returning home.  Families caregivers who are looking after a loved one may require temporary care accommodation for their loved one if they are going on holiday, have business to attend to or simply need a breather from caregiver duties.  This temporary care accommodation is often called holiday care or respite care.

A person may need frail care support because of mobility, memory, incontinence or disease symptoms which may necessitate support for instrumental activities of daily living and activities of daily living throughout the day and night, seven days per week.

The nursing care in a frail care will consist of administration of medication, wound dressings, health supervision, monitoring and reporting.

Sometimes it is challenging to identify what level of care is required.  24 Hour nursing care and caregiver assistance is appropriate for patients who have more than two of the following markers for frailty:

  • require nursing or caregiver assistance throughout the day and night – 24 hour nursing care
  • have just been discharged from hospital and need to stabilize before returning home
  • need to recover and rehabilitate
  • are falling regularly / have a recent history of falls
  • need assistance toileting throughout the day and night
  • are very frail or weak
  • are unable to perform one or more basic ADLs in the three days prior to assessment
  • have had a stroke in the last three months
  • have dementia
  • have one or more unplanned hospital admissions on the last three months
  • have difficulty walking
  • are malnourished
  • need prolonged bed rest
  • are incontinent