nursing care

Nursing care at Pembury retirement lodges

Nursing care and caregiver assistance is available at all Pembury retirement lodges and is provided in the homes of Pembury residents, allowing residents the social and health benefits associated with aging-in-place.  Residents enjoy the privacy and comfortable convenience of receiving assistance in their own Pembury homes and families can be assured that our staff is professionally supervised.

Nursing care included in the monthly rate

The cost of nursing care and assistance with activities of daily living is included in the rental or levy monthly rate in the suites and apartments at Pembury Sandton, Pembury Bryanston, Pembury Magaliesburg and in the assisted living suites at Pembury Finch Haven in Fairland.

Nursing care as an optional add-on service

Optional mid care nursing can be added for a small additional fee at Pembury Melrose.


Nursing care is categorised according to individual needs as follows:
Independent living:

A person who lives independently is able to safely manage without assistance with activities of daily living.  At Pembury, we make independent living particularly easy to achieve by providing a fully serviced environment, where residents do not have the hassle of making meals, doing laundry or housework.  Residents are accommodated in apartments or cottages.  Nursing care is provided only when required.  We also offer a fully independent (self-catering) option in cottages at Pembury Magaliesburg.

Assisted living and mid care:

A person who needs some assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, mobility, medication etc) would choose an assisted living or mid care service option. Assisted living includes nursing care and caregiver assistance, all meals, housekeeping and laundry services in the comfort and privacy of your Pembury retirement suite or apartment.

Frail care or 24 hour nursing care:

Frail care is nursing care and caregiver assistance on a 24 hour basis.  This service option is suitable for someone who has recently been in hospital and needs to recuperate safely, someone who has recently experienced a sudden change in health status or a person with a chronic condition that needs a high level of supervision.  Private frail care apartments are available at Pembury Sandton.