Retirement home for independent living

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Your Pembury Melrose retirement home

Which lodges provide serviced retirement homes?

Your Pembury retirement home for serviced independent living comes with a hassle-free independent living lifestyle …  we do the chores so you can enjoy your retirement.  We offer independent supported living (a safe and serviced environment where caregiving is not included in the rate) in elegant apartments at Pembury Melrose and safe garden cottages at Pembury Finch Haven.
Pembury Melrose in Melrose offers retirement homes range that range in size from bachelor apartments to one and two bedroom flats.
These apartments are available on a rental or purchase basis.

Pembury Finch Haven in Fairland, Randburg offers independent supported living in a limited amount of one bedroom garden cottages.
These cottages are offered for sale on an occupancy right (life right) basis.  Remember that when you invest in a Pembury occupancy right, you save 30% on the monthly rate, so the monthly rate is substantially cheaper than the rental option.

What services does serviced independent supported living include?

Independent supported living includes the following services:

  • Accommodation including water and lights
  • 3 healthy home cooked meals per day
  • Regular tea and coffee
  • Housekeeping
  • Transport
  • Laundry (optional at small extra charge)
  • Nursing / caregiver assistance (optional at small extra charge)

In addition to the above, the resident will enjoy the use of the following services:

  • Access to facilities like library, movie rooms, visiting hairdresser and therapists
  • Shuttle to shops
  • Community entertainment and activities

Nursing services are not included in the levy, but can be added when required.

What is independent supported living?

When you retire, you can choose to ensure that your physical and social environment supports your healthy aging, and have control over decisions that relate to your senior care.  Ideally, your retirement home should be in an environment that provides structures which ensure social support, regular interaction, safety and assistance with instrumental activities of daily living.  Choosing a retirement home in such an environment will improve the quality and quantity of your life and your family’s life, by providing all with the peace of mind of knowing that you are safe, cared for, active and engaged in rewarding relationships.

You will find it reassuring to know that if you choose independent supported living initially and at a later date find that you need caregiver assistance or nursing help, such services can be provided on a home care basis in the comfort of your Pembury suite or apartment thus ensuring that you have a continuum of care and access to elder care staff.  Since aging-in-place is regarded as an ideal way to manage the aging process, we do our best to ensure that is possible for you by creating Pembury environments that support your ability to live in a home and community safely, independently  and comfortably, regardless of age or ability level.

We provide independent supported living in apartment buildings to ensure that you have access to reception services in your main foyer, a general manager, 24 hour security. Since the communal facilities will be easy to access via corridors that are safe and close to your apartment, we ensure that you will make use of the social spaces.

Who chooses a serviced independent living lifestyle?

A retirement home with services is suitable for any retired person who would prefer to live in the safety of a retirement community.  The safety and opportunities for friendship and activity ensure peace of mind for our residents and their families. Independent supported living also suits anyone who is tired of doing chores – there does come a time in one’s life where it is so pleasant to have other people prepare all healthy home cooked meals, do the housekeeping and to manage staff who may be offering care-giving assistance.

Independent supported living is suited to any person requiring currently requiring support for instrumental activities of daily living and activities of daily living, or anyone who would like to make future provision for such services; anyone who has experienced boredom, loneliness or depression as a consequence of living alone; anyone who no longer feels safe and secure living at their old family home; anyone who has recently lost a spouse; and anyone whose children live overseas.

Residents benefit from regular social interaction, access to qualified staff if required, security, use of facilities such as libraries and movie rooms and access to activities such as arts and crafts workshops, exercises, birthday events, visiting entertainment and outings.