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January 20, 2017
How to decide which Pembury retirement village is perfect for your mom or dad: Part 1
March 1, 2017

How to choose a retirement home

Life is always in flux, change is constant.  Survival in life (and intelligence) is based on one fundamental thing – the ability to adjust. A happy life tends to be characterised by an ability to embrace change and to make the most of any situation. Mature adulthood is just as full as change as any other life stage.

  • When we are babies, we are dependent – our development requires that we embrace that dependence and use it to grow.
  • When we are adults, we are independent – our development requires that we embrace that independence and use it to grow.
  • When we are mature adults, we mature into interdependence – our development requires that we embrace our physical changes, accept assistance and use these new experiences to grow.

Healthy adaptation to mature adulthood is founded on embracing inter-dependence, increasing sociability and opportunities for social interaction.  Mature adults do not want to feel that they are a burden to their own families, and also want to allow their children their own lives and careers.  Turning to a retirement community is a healthy choice, an adaptation that contributes to survival.  Its a measured fact that residents in a retirement community add five years to their live – that is how important social connection can be to life.

Younger adults who can live independently safely would choose a retirement cottage in a village that has care on-site.  Pembury Magaliesburg is an ideal village for independent younger retirees, a peaceful lifestyle in fresh air and nature.  There is a tennis court to keep fit, a huge pool and large estate for country walks.

If you are an older adult, recently bereaved or in need of regular attention, apartments are the best retirement home decision for the following reasons:

  • Apartments are secure – there are limited access points and security and security devices are easily managed
  • The apartments are close to the facilities – let’s say you’re taking your meals in the dining room ….when you’re using a walker or need to stay steady on your feet its easier to walk down a smooth corridor and catch a lift to the restaurant than it is to negotiate a bumpy brick pathway from your cottage to the restaurant in the rain
  • The arrangement of apartments to their facilities necessarily makes the building a closer community – you’re more likely to use the movie room, library, pool etc if you can get to it easily.  And using communal facilities is how one develops the support systems and friendships that are critical to good quality of life when you are an older adult

Pembury retirement lodges are well known for our retirement communities in apartment buildings.  Pembury Bryanston, Pembury Sandton, Pembury Melrose, and Pembury Finch Haven all offer retirement communities that are warm, happy communities staffed with people with a passion for people.  If you’d like to join our waiting list, or find out more about available accommodation, please give Heidi a ring on 011 678 4406 or email