How to decide which Pembury retirement village is perfect for your mom or dad: Part 1

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March 1, 2017
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December 28, 2017

Most children do not want to think about their parents getting older but it happens.  Gradually, slowly, over time, you realise that mom and dad need to be in a safer environment.  Here is a quick guide on how to decide which Pembury retirement village is perfect for your mom or dad.

Does this describe your family situation … your dad passed away a few years ago or more recently.  You spent time with mom over this Christmas, or vice versa.  You’re worried.  She doesn’t seem to be cooking-for-one that regularly, you worry that she is lonely.  You’re beginning to see that she is a soft target for criminals in the large, empty family home.  She seems to be taking a long while to digest her grief at the loss of your dad and can be overwhelmed with the tasks she has taken over from your dad, the house, the garden, the maintenance, the bills.
You worry about what she does all day long, in that house by herself – while you are at work, lifting kids after school, attending to your home.

How to decide which Pembury retirement village is perfect for your mom or dad

Mom can still be independent and actually is still fairly healthy, she may even be fairly young; when she is motivated to do so, she can still do her own shopping, manage her own finances and attend to all those instrumental activities of daily living, particularly when you are there to help her.

You’d like the peace of mind of knowing that she is eating regularly, socialising, that she is safe; you may be losing some sleep worrying about her and you don’t know what to do.

Which Pembury is right for your independent mom?

Pembury Melrose Pembury Sandton and Pembury Plettenberg Bay are perfect.

Pembury Melrose, Pembury Sandton and Pembury Plettenberg Bay are apartment buildings for residents who are independent.  Residents live independently in their own apartments, as do residents in any apartment block.  Because they are apartment buildings, they are extremely secure, far more secure than a retirement village (all retirement villages have cottages on a perimeter fence).

However, our apartment-living community is composed in a way that is different to an ordinary apartment building.  Our retirement apartments provide the more complex support systems that a mature adult needs, not only to survive but to thrive.  Yes, it is different from the family home, which was appropriate accommodation for middle aged adults raising children.  Life requires that all things change and develop over time, including the appropriate kind of housing for a mature adult.  Apartment blocks are the perfect adaptation to aging.  Safe, Social, Specialised environments.  The apartment community is all of similar age, all have similar life experiences, history and interests; regular opportunities to socialise  are provided and residents take part in activities and outings together;  meals are home-cooked and regular, not only an opportunity for good nutrition but also a chance to sit and have a meal with friends three times a day.  If your mom wants to go to the shops, you don’t have to worry about her driving because we provide a shuttle.  All apartments have an entrance reception area, where concierge assistance is provided.  Your mom has a panic button for emergencies.  Both you and her benefit from knowing that she is secure; if there is an emergency – you may be at work, or lifting your kids or on holiday when an emergency arises – we will help her.

If your mom needs nursing assistance at a later stage, those services can be added.

I hope that my information helps you if you connected to the situation, which is a common one – you are not alone in your concerns and there is a solution.  If you need further information or assistance, always feel welcome to contact me on 011 678 4406 or

In Part 2 of my quick guide, I will explain under what circumstances you would seek out a mid-care or assisted living environment.