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Private old age home in Randburg
Pembury’s private old age home in Randburg

Pembury operates a private old age home in Randburg – Pembury Finch Haven in Fairland, Randburg, as well as other retirement villages throughout Johannesburg.  The retirement lodge is a privately run old age and does not receive a subsidy from the government.  Residents can buy or rent accommodation and pay a monthly rate for services, ranging from light support to assisted living services.

Pembury Finch Haven is a cozy, secure retirement village offers serviced suites and serviced garden cottages. This private old age home in Randburg is a modern retirement village with a hospitality and serviced-centered orientation; we do our best to make it feel like home, only easier. The lodge is family owned and operated and we take pride in delivering excellent service in a cozy, family atmosphere.

Pembury’s private old age home in Randburg offers assisted living suites and serviced one bedroom garden cottages.
Pembury Finch Haven’s assisted living services include nursing and caregiver assistance, meals, housekeeping and laundry.
The retirement lodge’s serviced independent living cottages include housekeeping and laundry; if meals and nursing are required, they are added to the monthly rate.

We find that Pembury Finch Haven serviced garden cottages fill a gap in the market, a gap between completely independent living and assisted living; a niche where residents require a light set of support services and prefer to live in a spacious garden cottage and not a care centre.
Ordinary garden cottages at other retirement villages offering independent living are ideal for people when they first buy them.  Usually people buy those retirement cottages when they are completely independent.  However, as the resident ages and their care need changes, those garden cottages becomes less ideal for various reasons.  Maybe the cottage is very far from the dining hall; maybe the walk is longer than it used to be, particularly if its raining; maybe the cottage is seeming remote from the activities and companionship in the community centre; maybe the resident acknowledges their need for care but is not yet willing to move to a mid care suite.

This is the gap that the garden cottages at Pembury Finch Haven fills because we offer our one bedroom garden cottages on a serviced basis.  Pembury arranges housekeeping and laundry (and even meals and care if required) for the cottages, and because its a small village, the cottages are close to the community activity areas and dining room.

The walkways are covered to protect our residents from rain; there is a handrail for safety and a smooth walking surface.

old age home in Randburg

Covered walkways connecting the serviced cottages at Pembury Finch Haven

Cottage residents have their own kitchenette, for making their own meals if that is preferred.

Pembury staff puts a lot of thought into making our retirement lodge perfectly adapted to ideal aging in place.  If you would like to know more about assisted living suites or serviced garden cottages, please contact our lodge manager Tammy who is always happy to help:

Pembury Finch Haven Physical Address:
228 Smit Street

Pembury Finch Haven Telephone:
011 678 8784

Tammy McLachlan